I am lucky enough to have spent my entire life around animals.

When I was a little squeak, my mom and dad took me to pick out our new puppy. I remember them handing her through the car window. Her little puppy claws clenched right through the thick blanket on my lap. Oreo was my first case of puppy love.

When we arrived home, I put a straw hat on her and we squished right down into the bottom of a plastic laundry basket, also known as “my apartment.” I was sure my puppy loved to hang out in my apartment! So we did it every day! Eventually, my mom had to intervene when she felt the “I’m a puppy, not an apartment dweller!” stare from Oreo one too many times. Apparently, I didn’t realize that sitting squished between my legs with no viable means of escape did not rate too highly on the puppy-contentedness scale. Who knew? Oreo proudly held her position as the doggie diva of our family for many years.

When I was 23 and graduating from college, my mom called to tell me that Oreo (at 18 years) had passed or had also “gone away to college” as I like to put it.  As time goes on, I still recall the connection that I had with her – unconditional puppy love - in its pure and simplest form.

The Paw Firm was born out of a desire to make that connection every day.

After graduating with a BA in Education and spending time in the Teaching and Marketing fields, I finally made the leap to my true passion – the humane treatment and care of animals.  

Today, I have three little poopers who fill my house with barks and fur balls.

Soleil... is a little miniature Doberman Pinscher who still has her long ears and long tail. She sleeps between us under the covers at night. She spends her life being sweet, sleeping on the back of the couch, and being harassed by......

Brodie... a 80 lb black Lab whose sole intent in life is to get love and get in trouble. He is a big goof who has single-handedly almost obliterated my entire supply of socks and underwear (which he prefers used, thank you).  He has the funniest curly tail, which is spiraled up on the left side of his back end and is constantly wiggling.

Sir Mackinac of Leland Lodge... a fat orange furry boy cat who was definitely a dog in another life.  Mack is happiest when getting a belly/head rub during which a stream of stinky cat drool makes its way out of his mouth and onto your shirt. Our house is Mack's cat perch and we’re just lucky to live here with him.

The Paw Firm will care for your pets the same affectionate way we care for our own – with their comfort, safety, and happiness in mind!

Jennifer Klinger